Sunday, 5 February 2012


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Sunday, 4 April 2010

This is what we called happiness

Singapore’s First Blogger Symposium by Nuffnang

We attended the above event on 3th April, and joined the speech by Leonny (owner of the blog "oureverydaythings". )

I am a reader of her blog, and i love her parenting tips. Now how can i miss meeting her in person as well as learning photography tips from her?

During the almost 2 hours session with her, she shared with us how to take nice photos of children, using photoshop to edit the photos. And both hubby and myself enjoyed ourselves very much.

What about the kids? Nuffnang is so considerate to have a kids room for all the little ones. They've got staff attending the kids and the kids got to watch cartoons in the room. So, little girl and little boy enjoyed themselves too!

As for now, i shall use the photography tips and try to take nice shots of my darlings.

Friday, 12 March 2010

some thoughts of mine

Come July next year, i'll have to register little girl for Primary school. I never really don't see a big hu-ha as to why parents crack their brain to which school to enrol until recently.

I've always believe that its better to send my kids to the school nearest to me so that the kids will not be too tired due to long traveling hours. In fact, i have already started being a parent volunteer since last year. Don't ask me why but i just realised that the students from the primary sch i am volunteering aren't that well behaved. In fact, i've to called up the school to make a complaint of their students.

That's when i begin to wonder if i should enrol my kids to my former primary school, which till now is still pretty popular. And since i am an ex-student, its doesn't even required me to do any volunteer work. But the biggest setback is the school is quite a distance from our place. And i bet the time spent on traveling is a lot too.

Worse part is, if the kids have CCA or supplementary lessons, there will be no school bus and i'll have to fetch them from school (note that we don't owe a car). So logically speaking, it doesn't make any sense. Should i compromise distance with probably better environment?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Its a busy period

CNY is fast approaching and here i am with my baking schedule once again. For this year, i am not selling any cookies except to my sis this year. Her order alone is 13 bottles while i have another 12 bottles or so to bake as gifts to family and close friends.

Not that i am complaining but given the limit time, baking become a chore more than a hobby. Can't bake too early for fear of the cookes turning mouldy. Can't bake too late either as i won't have time to complete all. Guess i'll have to forgo my sleep again.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

End of 2009!

Its been quite sometime since i last update this blog. Wonder who still frequent this blog? :p

2009 will be ending in another 5 hour or so. As usual, time flies, another year is bidding us goodbye soon. Coming 2010, my little girl will be turning 5, entering K1 and little boy will be 4, entering Nursery.

I never have the habit of making any new year resolution, so am not going to make any for the coming one. As usual i only wish for good health for all my family members and friends, a smooth sailing year (been having a lot of ups and downs in 2009) and a fruitful 2010.

Oh, did i mention that i am expecting a little nephew/niece next year? :)

Friday, 25 September 2009

June - July

Just realised that i haven't updated the blog for coming to 2 months. Not that there aren't interesting things happening, its just that sometimes i am simply too lazy to pen down.

So here's some some major events that happened.

Little girl celebrated her 4th birthday 3x at my mum's place, the school and at our own humble house. This year's theme was princess. She requested for a princess cake and dress like one too. Times flies, in Dec little boy will be turning 3. Gone are the innocence of them, and what is approaching is more reasoning from the kids. Sigh!

In July, we celebrated the birthday of my younger sis, who turned 21st this year. Noyhing fanciful, just buffet dinner at Jurong Point. Well, this little sis of mine is such a fine young lady now. Wish her a bright future. :)

There is also the Racial Harmony Day at school. Managed to borrow a Malay costume for little girl. Looks more like a little nonya on her. Little boy still can fit into his jinbei, which he wore last year at school. (shows he hasn't grown much) :p